Yearbook of Polar Law

Proceedings of the Polar Law Symposiums are published in the Yearbooks of Polar Law  by Brill Publishing house

The Yearbook of Polar Law, is based at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Akureyri in Iceland and the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (Arctic Centre/University of Lapland) in Finland and covers  a wide variety of topics relating to the Arctic and the Antarctic. 



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The Polar Law TextbookThe Polar Law Textbook  focuses on the various developments in international and domestic law concerning the Polar Regions (e.g., issues of environmental law, law of the sea, resources, human rights law and Indigenous peoples' rights, etc.). By looking at linkages between different areas of law and the other social sciences, the textbook also explores the relevant aspects of the economic, social and political developments affecting both Polar areas (e.g., questions of Polar governance, economics, and the political situation in some of the Arctic areas.

The Yearbook of Polar Law I (2010) and The Yearbook of Polar Law II (2013) were ed. by Natalia Loukacheva



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An overview of Polar law questions and topical developments was provided in the pioneering 2010 Polar Law Textbook and in the 2013 Polar Law Textbook II both of which covered a number of topics relevant to the Polar resources debate. Building on this work, Polar Law and Resources, this new volume focuses on topical issues of law and resource development in the Polar Regions, both the Arctic and the Antarctic, and covers topics of current and emergent resource-related issues mainly from a legal and political perspective. 

Polar Law and Resources was published in 2015, ed. Natalia Loukacheva



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Studies_in_polar_lawStudies in Polar Law  publishes monographs and collected works devoted to the legal regimes applicable to the Arctic and the Antarctic.  It explores the problems faced by these regions and the solutions proposed on multiple issues





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