Polar Law Symposium 2014 - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


The seventh Polar Law Symposium, ‘The Polar Regions in the Asian Century’, was held in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) where leading experts in the field of Polar Law and Arctic Governance were brought together. The symposium covered a wide variety of topics relating to the Arctic and Antarctic. Topics includes: Asian Interest in the Polar Region, the ICJ and the Whaling Case, Native Peoples, Arctic Council and the European Union, Arctic and Antarctic Futures Hypothetical, Antarctic Law, Antarctic Territorial Claims, Bipolar Conservation and Protection and Arctic Law.  This Symposium was organized by The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) at the University of Tasmania, the Polar Law Institute in Akureyri and the University of Akureyri in Iceland, the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law of the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, the University of the Arctic, and the Arctic Law Thematic Network in Finland. 


Welcome and Open Symposium 

Chair: Dr Julia Jabour

Theresa Sainty - Welcome to Country 

His Excellency the Honourable Chief Justice Alan Blow OAM, Lieutenant Governor of Tasmania - Opening
Prof. Peter Rathjen, Vice Chancellor, University of Tasmania - Welcome

Keynote Presentation 

Chair: Dr Julia Jabour

Prof. Akiho Shibata - 'Japan and 100 years of Antarctic Legal Order: Any Lessons for the Arctic?'

Session 1: Asian Interests in the Polar Regions 

Chair: Dr David Leary

Mr Wei Long,  'China’s Polar interests'

Dr Cecile Pelaudeix, 'China’s interests in the Arctic and the EU Arctic Policy: Towards a proactive EU foreign policy?'

Prof. Wei Zhang, 'The place and role of observer states in the Arctic Council'

Session 2: Asian Interests in the Polar Regions 

Chair: Mr Richard Rowe

Prof. Ben Saul & Assoc. Prof. Tim Stephens, 'Responsive Antarctic law making in the Asian century'

Prof. Anne-Marie Brady, 'China’s key strategic interests in the polar regions'

Dr Seyed Ziaeddin Madani, 'Possible challenges on the trend towards Iranian active scientific research presence in the Antarctic: An international legal approach'

Session 3: The ICJ and the Whaling Case 

Chair: Prof. Andrew Jackson

Dr Brendan Gogarty and Dr Peter Lawrence, 'Conceptions and (mis)conceptions of science before international tribunals: ICJ Australia/Japan whaling case in context'

Michael Johnson, 'The consequences of the ICJ decision in the Whaling Case for Antarctica and the Antarctic Treaty System'

Special Presentation

Arngrimur Johannsson (Chairman of the Board of the Polar Law Institute), 'Iceland and Tasmania'

Session 4: Native Peoples 

Chair: Prof. Ben Richardson

Emeritus Prof Matti Niemivuo, 'Human and fundamental rights of the Sàmi' 

Dr Leena Heimämäki, 'To what extent does international law recognize and protect indigenous eco-spiritual worldview?'

Dr Terry Fenge, 'Modern Canadian treaties for Aboriginal land titles'

Dr Anna Stammler-Gossmann, 'Arctic fisheries: Social and legal concerns of climate change'

Session 5: Native Peoples 

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Natalia Loukacheva

Ms Naja Carina Steenholdt, 'Facing Asia: Challenges of a globalized Arctic region in Greenland'

Dr Kamrul Hossain, 'Human security governance addressing Arctic’s indigenous peoples'

Ms Julia Loginova, 'Impacts of government regulations over natural resources on sustainability of livelihoods in a changing climate: a case study from Russia’s Arctic'

Session 6: Arctic Council and European Union 

Chair: Prof. Denzil Miller

Prof Natalia Loukacheva, 'Increasing business voice in the north: The Arctic Economic Council'

Dr Nengye Liu, 'The European Union’s potential contribution to enhanced governance of Arctic fisheries'

Mr Nikolas Sellheim, ‘'Direct and individual concern’ for Newfoundland’s seal industry? – When a legal concept and empirical data collide'

Panel: Arctic and Antarctic Futures Hypothetical 

Facilitator: Dr Tony Press

Session 7: Antarctic Law

Chair: Sir Guy Green

Prof Stuart Kaye, 'North of 60º S: regulatory challenges'

Dr Jane Verbitsky, 'Antarctica, the ATS, non-compliance and the problem of ice'

Dr Tony Press, 'The Antarctic Treaty System: Future mathematical challenges'

The Honourable Greg Hunt MP, Federal Minister for the Environment

Session 8: Antarctic Territorial Claims 

Chair: Professor Michael Stoddart

Drs Alan Hemmings, Sanjay Chaturvedi, Elizabeth Leane, Daniela Liggett and Juan Francisco Salazar, 'The role of nationalism in the contemporary Antarctic'

Mr Scott Joblin, 'Antarctic territoriality in the Asian Century'

Ms Elise Clark, 'The impact of the Asian occupation in Antarctica on developing Asian states'

Ms Indi Hodgson-Johnston, 'How laws of territorial acquisition since Burkina Faso/Mali (1986) can apply to territorial claims in Antarctica'

Session 9: Bipolar Conservation and Protection  

Chair: Prof. David VanderZwaag

Mrs Antje Neumann, 'Strengthening wilderness protection in Antarctica through lessons learnt from the Arctic: An introduction into a comparative research on regulating tourism and other non-governmental activities between both polar regions'

Dr David Leary, 'IMO Polar Code and shipping in the polar regions'

Professor Bent Ole Gram Mortensen, 'Polar Mining: Between economic development, environmental protection, uranium and the alleged Chinese interest'

Session 10: Arctic Law 

Chair: Dr Julia Jabour

Prof David VanderZwaag, 'Governance of the Arctic Ocean beyond national jurisdiction: Cooperative currents, restless sea'

Prof Kári á Rógvi, 'Proactive judiciaries on new frontiers, emerging issues and emerging jurisdictions'  

Prof Ágúst Þór Árnason, 'A Nordic Model of Autonomy and Independence'

Prof Timo Koivurova, 'The increasing relevance of treaties in the Arctic'

Official Close

Timo Koivurova - Official close and invitation to 8th Polar Law Symposium, Alaska, 2015 

Session Chairs

Dr David Leary (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney)

Mr Richard Rowe (former Head of Australian Delegation to Antarctic Treaty Consultative Party Meetings; former Australian Ambassador to Sweden)

Professor Michael Stoddart (Professor Emeritus, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies)

Associate Professor Natalia Loukacheva (Canada Research Chair, Associate Professor, University of Northern British Columbia)

Professor Ben Richardson (Professor of Law, University of Tasmania)

Professor Denzil Miller (Director, Antarctic Tasmania and Science Research Development)

Professor David VanderZwaag (Professor of Law and Canada Research Chair in Ocean Law and Governance, Dalhousie University, Halifax)

Sir Guy Green (former Governor of Tasmania; Honorary Antarctic Ambassador for Tasmania)

Mr Andrew Jackson (former Policy Manager, Australian Antarctic Division)

Dr Julia Jabour (Senior Lecturer, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania)